Christian Formation

our Congregation is founded mainly for the Christian formation of people , especially of women and children. through Christian formation we should lead the people of God to the meaning of the gift of faith recieved through baptism and to the infinite riches of the mystry of salvation of Christ enabling them to worship God the Father in spirit and truth( Constitution of CMC no:81;1). sisters in Vimaljyoti region are helping the faithfull of Christ to deepen in their faith through Parish Apostolate, Family Apostolate, Catechesis and Proclamation of the Word. our sisters are animating faith formation through retreats for Adults,Youth and Children in the Eparchy of  Rajkot Diocese. Our sisters are giving Christian Formation for the Catholic in 3 Parishes and 3 Semi Parishes. We are responding to the Urgency and need of Pastoral care for the Migrant Syro Malabar Christians in the Eparchy of Diocese of Ahemadabad and Baroda .

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