Social Work

Instead of contributing through individual works of charity to maintaining the status quo, we need to build a just social order in which all receive their share of the worlds goods and no longer have to depend on charity.   (God is love, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI )

In the Second Half of the 19th Century  Our founder Father marked the begining of Social revival programs with a Vision beyond time, to light up before the world the face of Christ, the trotal liberator. Following the Example of St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara we try to discover new methods and programs to lead individuals and families to self sufficiency and implement them with prudeence and generosity. We are collaborating with the Goverment and other Social Organisations to creat 'A New Society'. 


Build up a harmonious society, where everyone enjoys the dignity of life, a life in love, peace and justice as the citizens of the Kingdom of God.


Building up safe and secure families and communities in the Society, by liberating them from all kinds of bondages and enable them to lead a dignified life by concentrating the women and children through the personal and community programmes for their empowerment.

Our Present Activities:

In Collaboration with the Nava Jeevan Trust Rajkot our Sisters are engaging in Social work Societies in Chachana and Ranpur . They are working with enthusiasm for the Uplift of people in remote areas Especially Women and Children. 

In St>Mary School Porbandar we are providing free Gujarati Medium School Facility for the Uplift of the Village People.  

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