brief History
Rajkot mission is started on 24.06.1979 under the guidance and dream fulfillment of Late Bp.Jonas Thaliath CMI the first bishop of Rajkot Diocese.Emiritus Bp.Mar Gregory Krotemprel CMI and the present Bishop Mar Jose Chittoparambil are our inspiration guides and good shepereds through out these years.  At the beginning time the mission was under Kothamangalam Province and entrusted to Hazaribag Region. The province was supporting with financial support and personals. The first house was at Limbdi. The main Apostolic activity was education together with house visiting  with a Mission and Vision of St.Chavara Kuriakose Elias our founder Father. A free boarding also functioning there. A culture of mutual help and concern is growing here. Boarders are well trained in reciting word of God. 
In 1982, Chachana a remote Village in Surendranagar District was started as a social work center with the intention of the upliftment of the poor and marginalized in the neighboring villages. A dispensary also started for the healing of the ailments of the villagers. Various social work programs were being done by our sisters such as SHG, tailoring, free tuition, Mahila mandal, Home Paliative Care etc. evangelization programs are functioning well. Rosary devotion, Holy Mass, Night Vigil etc started in the centre. Now there are 9 families and their relatives attending  for the faith formation programs. There are 34 families entered in Christianity and 22 families under its training .
Be holy and lead others to holiness- to fulfill this CMC charism members of Vimal Jyoti Region ( Which is Inagurated on 04.03.2004) is very particular for the all round development of women and children. It is started Gujarati Medium Schools together with English medium schools for the poor and marginalized. You will be witnesses for me (Act:1:8) to give flesh to this word of God, the region started new houses and activities related to the centers. Sisters work among the people without considering about their cast, creed or faith. We celebrate the birthdays , wedding anniversary,important events in their lives with great interest. To increase their talents cultural programs also conducting in villages. In the ups and downs of their family life sisters reach there and pray for them and console them, this made a mutual relationship with the villegers. Frequent house visiting also done. 
At Porbandar we started St.Marys English medium School and Guajarati medium School. It is a long cherished dream of CMC to start a school in the land of Gandhiji. It is functioning well since 25.08.1985. there is a parish also for us to look after the faith formation of the people. A free boarding also started here recently. 3 girls are staying here and studying in our School. It is happy to know that among one of them joined in CMC Rajkot Region. We thank and praise God for His Blessing. 
In Upleta also we started one English medium School on 14.05.1996. here also we started free tuition for the village students. Sisters find time for regular house visiting . as a result there is a cordial relationship with the  parents of our students. For any kind of troubles and problems related to school and convent the local people are there with us.
Ranpur is a remote village centre started on 01.02.1996. In the beginning Balavadi and dispensary were running here. Together with healing ministry, mobile clinic, Balavadi, free tuition , tailoring, Self help group etc. are functioning here. It is working under NavaJeevan Trust-Rajkot Diocese. In this centre with the help of Government agencies we started embroidery and tailoring. Around 40 ladies benefited by this. It is a project of Income generating and women upliftment. 
Carmel Jyoti Convent Khambalia under CMI management  and Carmel convent Surat started 06.06.2010 and 08.06.2013, respectively. In Surat we do the pastoral work together with MCBS fathers. It is joyful that sisters work among the Syro Malabar Syrian Pravasi Christians. Preparing for Holy Communion, ward prayer, Teaching of Catechism, house visiting, Home mission, Christeen retreat, Youth Camp etc done very effectively. As a result of the good example and witnessing life of sisters we got a good vocation from Surat. Thank and  praise God.
Kavalangad is the recruiting house in Kerala. It is a place of love , care and concern for the missionaries. It is started on 01.12.2006. it is a shelter for Missionaries during their holidays. We make use of this house for vocation camp. 
Now Vimal Jyoti Region- Rajkot has 37 sisters , 3 Novices, 6 Pre-Postulants and 3 Candidates. We gratefully remember all our Provincials and Regional Superiors who helped for the growth of this Mission region. Members of this Region actively participating in Church activities, Family Counseling, Catechism teaching, Evangelization, Marian Night, Night Vigils, Christeen Retreats, etc to increase THE FAITH OF TH Faithfull. 

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