"Those who abide in Me and I in them , bear much fruit"(Jn:15:5). Our Aposolic activities are the Fruits of our personal intimacy with Christy. The goal of our Apostolic activities is to lead all people to God, since even a single soul whom Jesus Christ saved by shedding his precious blood should not perish is the desire of the heavenly Father. We realise our call through the Apostolate of Prayer, Apostolate of Suffering and Apostolate of Service. Through our Apostolate of Service we are trying for the Uplift of the poor,afflicted and marginalised. The teaching of St.Kuriakose Elias, "the days of your life that donot see some noble action done may be counted from your life", motives us to nurture a life style of zealous action and service. 

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